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SANTA!!!! i know him! i know him!

i <3 mike

1/9/05 07:48 pm




1/1/05 03:31 am - HAPPY NEW YEARS

Happy New Year yaaaaay

my lovely night has consisted of:

  • tostitos
  • petey pablo "freak a leek"
  • lil jon
  • apple cider
  • that 70s show
  • jimmy eat world
  • candles
  • blue lights
  • rain
  • ludacris videos
  • watching people drive up and down my street going 120 mph cuz theyre hella drunk (pretty funny)
  • plastic party cups..that are RED
  • laughing
  • phone with mike
  • imaging mike in a blue and white swimsuit with red flours in a hot tub with his cousin
  • staring at a champagne box
  • mini bars
  • runny noses
  • being confused
  • jeff being a hardcore mexican thug
  • kristen sending me avatars nonstop
  • hansika is gonna live next to mike and i in our trailer with our 9 kids and shell do my nails and give mike a mullet


i should stop. its almost 4. tomorrow i need to do my homework and i wanna go to the mall then maybe do something with K,K,A,L, before i go to bed early...earlier at least, so i can go to tracy early for my michael :) my precious baby mmm i love him so much.........love love love


scotch scotch scotch down down to my belly yelly

thanks to mike, i now know that honey and funny rhyme :)

12/31/04 07:09 pm - yay

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12/31/04 06:25 pm - new years

Happy Birthday Katy! I <3 You!

yeah so, last night after basketball Kristen and Greg came over. We watched the end of Naopleon Dynamite, then watched some That 70's Show (I have the first season on dvd). I've already seen all the episodes, but Kristen and Greg haven't....it was fun. Then lovely Glen Fez...ah, i forget well...Greg had to go. Kristen and I continued watching That 70's show...it's so hilarious. We got to disc 3 and stopped at about 3am cause we were getting tired...then we fell asleep around 4. I woke up 1pm cause Sophie was crying in the kitchen. Kristen didn't wake up until like....1:20pm. We got ready for Katy's party and picked up Katharine and yay. Katy's party was so much fun yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I'm really tired and my legs hurt. Katharine wanted Kristen and I to go to Grey's with her but now I guess she doesn't cause she never called me and she's off doing whatever with whoever. There really is nothing to do in moraga that excites me. I wish Kristen and I could've gone to Tracy to be with Mike and Jeff.........but no way in hell could that happen. At least I'm going to Tracy Sunday :) I finally get my laptop back....um and I don't feel good, I'm getting a sore throat. I know, I'm such a loser, but i'm staying home new years and being lazy cause thats what i love. yes yes. well off i go to do my thang. jeremy and sierra are gonna be here so i will get to hang out with them maybe....i know im definately gonna watch willy wonka again!!!!!! hell yeah. new years is overrated. i think the best way to bring in the new year is to be drunk with your friends or sleeping. and since this is moraga and its hard for people over 21 to get alcohol......im gonna sleep. goodnight.

12/29/04 11:19 pm - i ate a big red candle

sophie was crying again so she woke me up at 11. :( i swear half of moraga migrated to san francisco today. i was sad cause mike was gonna come over early, but he got grounded. so really i just babysat sophie and listened to music, took a shower, then i watched willy wonka again before basketball.

right before hillary came to pick me up mike called and asked what i wasa doing, blah blah normal conversation. then hilary came so we hung up. and we get to campo, and out in front of the gym mike is skateboarding. i was so confused......but he said his mom let him come since he did chores all morning. :) :) :) :) :) yay. i was so happyyyyyyyy. it made my day so much better, i love surprises!!!!! so he watched our practice then we came home and i showered and my mommy made us dinner. then we left and saw meet the fockers. it was good. then mike took me home and he had to leave cause he couldnt get hom too late but it was so rainy and yeah. oh i love him so much :-D it was so nice to be surprised like that. hopefully i can get a ride to tracy saturday or sunday, and whhatever day i dont go i need to go to sun valley mall and try and buy that american eagle jacket, and then i need to hang out with adrienne lauren kristen and katy. yay.


tomorrow i wanna go to nations for breakfast/lunch..brunch. whatever. yeah. hopefully i can get some people to do that, thatd be hot. yeah and after practice im gonna see if kristen can sleepover and well stay up all night watching that 70s show and eating nachos. must have lots of cafinee. hopefully ill get to miss practice and go to katys party.woooooo. theres nothing to do on new years. i would love to be with kristen mike and jeff, but nope. stupid drunk people make the roads un-safe. iiidiots. stay drunk at ur house. YES WELL its pouring rain :-D and i love the rain so im gonna enjoy it and sit in the family room and watch movies and listen to the rain and lite candles and oooh fun fun fun fun :-D.

goodnight beautiful people, let me know if you wanna do something on new years...tear tear.


the last 3 are my favorites. over it, fall out boy, brand new <3

12/29/04 01:39 pm

a lonely septemberCollapse )

12/28/04 11:47 pm - yazz flute is for little fairy boys

today was basketball practice early...."yaaaay" then i went to stoneridge with kristen and we shopped. i got new jeans :-D, a bright green american eagle sweatshirt, 2 shirts from ae, 3 belts (for only $6...oh damn), and a jimmy eat world (well, k-swizzley n i r sharing). then she came over and we watched anchorman and ate pizza. mike was gonna come over tomorrow but hes grounded until winter breaks over. that is such shit. im sad :( i must have my michael. i must have it!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaw. i just realized that the drive to tracy is pretty much all straight. i wanna take my mommy car and drive there myself. wooooooo thatd be awesome. i hope they unground him, he sounded so miserable on the phone. im gonna get him something really cool for valentines day and our 6 months. at least i hope itll be cool. our 6 months is also the day my dad died. and this year its sadee hawkins. so thatll be a really emotional day for me. 6 months with michael, 5 years without my dad, and dancing at sadee hawkins. i really hope mike will be able to come to the dance, cause if not then ill just stay home and cry. on a happier note little sophie is sitting on my lap, chewing mikes jackets strings hehe. her breathe smells like .. ew-y stuff. im such a dork - i know all the words to most of the willy wonka songs. kristen witnessed that tonight. my posts are so boring. whenever im on the computer sophie is usually on my lap and it makes it hard to type, or im on the phone. i donno what to do tomorrow since mikes not coming over anymore. hmmm. i got 2 shirts, jeans, and a sweatshirt at american eagle for $94. thats so awesome. the girl said i can exchange my pants even though i dont have the reciept or tag on it. little does she know ive had these 3 pairs of pants for like 2 months. im pretending i got them for christmas gifts..ive only worn each of them like twice so i doubt they will notice or care. but if they do, well that just flat out sucks. sigh. i hope mike gets ungrounded :( :( :( his parents cant be THAT mean, theyre strict but i hope theyre not that mean. thats just cruel. ill pay my mom to take me to tracy, i love my michael and i need to see him. well im gonna go sit in my room and ponder...nah. i donno. bye lovelys.

i love you so much mike :)

12/27/04 05:37 pm - wasted day

today was so wasted. i slept in til 10:40 :) :) and my mom called and said basketball practice was cancelled!!!!!!!! i thought it would be a fabolous day but...mike couldnt drive anywhere so him and jeff couldnt hang out in pleasanton anyways, and nobody would drive kristen and i home from stoneridge so we could shop and so i was stuck babysitting sophie all day. it sucks and im sad. well kristen and i are hopefully going shopping tomorrow after my basketball practice, then hopefully mikes coming over wednesday, then after basketball thursday ill see if someoen can sleep over, and friday its katys birthday!!!!!!! i got to get her a present!! well i'm gonna go hold sophie (shes sleeping)

at least its been raining all day.


i got a new aim sn.


i know the song is sic transit gloria, but someone had that and it took forever and nobody cares anyways
sic transit gloria = glory fades
i like that.

12/27/04 12:44 am

gaylord m. focker <3Collapse )

12/26/04 11:25 pm - mmmm

so mike called me at 930 and woke me up to tell me hes on his way to moraga. with "great joy" i woke up and took a shower
my mom was at work and amber left to go to the gym, and of course mike got here when i was home alone...oh baby. hehehe
well later we ate breakfast (coca pebbles, mm) and watched something on vh1 about lil jon =D then amber got home so i
showed mike my new stereo, its so ghetto. then my mom, amber, sophie, mike, and i got into our crap ass volvo and headed
off to pebble beach to see my dads side of the family. my sister got sit in the front, all stretched and relaxed with her seat
leaned back the whole way, while mike and i are squished in the back with sophies kennel thing, but hey - it was nice in its
own way.(yes i know im talking in rainbow, yaaay how precious) yep its getting annoying now so i think im gonna stop...

alright so a 2 hour car drive...intense. we all pretty much slept =) when we got there it was a little awkward but thank god we were only htere for 90 minutes
mike showed me some pretty intense card/magic tricks hehe. so the dads family people gave me $200...definately going shopping with that shit. mikes mom
said mike has to be home before midnight, so after we got home we drove to taco bell....then i started playing nitty <3 and was like mike we gotta go to adriennes
but then i remembered adrienne wasnt home!!! so we drove to tinas and talked to her and katy, then we went to kristens house. i wanted to go to laurens but michael
wanted to eat his tacos. he let me drive home :-D hehehehheheeh. we watched meet the parents and ate taco bell and popcorn, aw yay. he left..but he just signed online
oh my gosh i got to be with him for more than 12 hours...so dandy! i cant say it enough - but i love him so much. hes so perfect for me, even kristen said so...sorta-in her own precious way hehehe. so tomorrow i think after basketball kristen and i will go to pleasanton to meet our lovely michael and jeffery to HANG OUT AT THE MALL. i can buy jeff his triple shot and give him his lil jon cd (i gotta finish it before basketball). i hope that that will work out. then tuesday i donno. wednesday i donno. thursday i donno.f riday i donno. saturday im going to tracy! i donno this week i need to: hang out with greg, have greg and kristen over to watch napoleon!, go to dublin and see a scary movie with mike, have kat and kristen sleep over and stay up all night, and celebrate katys birthday. oh gosh i just do not know. everything would be funnre and easier if basketball was earlier in the day, like 11-1. yeah. well thats all.

nighty night moraga sex puppets

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